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We are providing everyone who works together with us with opportunities to grow and exercise their music talent, passion and teaching experiences in parallel with our school mission.

We ensure that the experience of being a Minuet school of music associate is as gracious as our service.

Just as we are committed to improving the skill and performance of our students with a set of high standard music education programs and syllabuses, we are equally committed to cultivating the partnership of professional musicians/teachers with aspiration and opportunity to grow your music interests and to succeed.

We welcome dedicated musicians/professional music teachers who embody their skills and drive that contribute to mutual success.

Minuet school of music is proud to offer music teaching opportunities with competitive partnership-rewarding system.

Either you are an experienced music teacher, or graduate of Royal ABRSM or university majoring in music; we are looking forward to hear from you.
To apply, simply send your resume to
Vacancies and Opportunities
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