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The Benefits of Music
We believe music has the power to enrich lives.

Therefore, those in the Minuet school community share one vision:
To inspire people to participate, progress and share the advantages of music.

A number of experiments and researches indicate that music enriches intelligence and balances EQ because they train musicians to:
- Focus attention for long periods of time
- Decode a complex symbolic system
- Translate the code into precise motor patterns
- Recognize patterns of sound across time
- Learn rules of pattern formation
- Memorize long passages of music
- Understand ratios and fraction, and
- Improvise within a set of musical rules

This is proven when most musicians perform significantly better on tests of:
- Spatial-temporal skills
- Math ability
- Reading skills
- Vocabulary
- Verbal memory, and
- Phonemic awareness

Many have also found that both music and ballet are a good way to de-stress and spread happiness.
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