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The Admission Process
Minuet School of Music welcomes candidates to join us.
The first entry step will be a trial session for young beginners to be introduced to music lesson, school environment, and allows school to be familiar with the characteristic of the candidate student.

For applicants with musical or ballet background are recommended for auditioning and interviewing process.
The purpose of the audition and interview is to assess the student's skill and capacity with objective to prepare and achieve the best out of the students in a long term.
The audition also provides opportunity for candidate to know more about the school environment, music programs and teacher.

The trial, audition and interview process allows school to best match the music grade, particular area of study or techniques need to be strengthened and the most suitable teacher with the student.

Once the grading is confirmed, student or parent is invited to further discuss to match the class schedule and complete the application process.

Please contact us for trial, audition arrangement or schedule availability.
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